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Employer Sponsored Loan

Have you had an emergency or some unexpected expenses that have put you in a bind? Perhaps you feel a loan is not even an option because of your current credit score. Our Employer Sponsored Loan can help you find a solution.

If you have been employed consecutively for 12 or more months at your current place of employment you may qualify for a loan of up to $1,500 regardless of your credit score. The approval is completely based on your ability to pay not your credit score. The Employer Sponsored Loan is only available to members whose current employer is a participant in the Emerge Financial Wellness Program. Emerge Financial Wellness is a workplace-based wellness program that helps every employee plan a sound financial future. Click here for more information about Emerge.

If your Employer is already a part of the Emerge Financial Wellness program and you have not yet enrolled click here to enroll and begin enjoying all of the wonderful benefits including free monthly credit scores. Once you are a member of Emerge you can apply for the Employee Sponsored Loan.

Apply for an employer sponsored loan at Manatee Community Federal Credit Union

If your Employer is not a part of this fabulous program just email us a contact to your HR department to and we will contact them about enrolling. Emerge Financial Wellness is free for the employer and the employee.

Enrolled Employer Participants

The City of Bradenton

Goodwill of Manasota

Manatee County Rural Health

Manatee Community Action Agency

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