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Same Car Lower Payments

Refinance Your Auto Loan with MCFCU &


Every Penny counts auto loan transfer insert

You may lower your monthly car payment and have extra cash each month when you refinance your new or used auto loan from another financial institution to MCFCU1

WE OFFER EXCLUSIVE RATE DISCOUNTS – Reduce your rate up to 0.50% ₂

With direct deposit to your MCFCU savings or checking account of at least $400.00 per month and your automatic payments transferred from your MCFCU savings or checking account to your MCFCU auto loan we will reduce your rate up to 0.50%. ₂

Just follow the instructions below and SAVE BIG!

Here’s what you need to get started – Gather the information listed below and fill out the online application. Just takes a few minutes.

  • Personal information (name, social security number, date of birth, 2 references with complete contact information)
  • Personal contact information including Driver’s License
  • Current employment and income information (2 recent paystubs to upload)
  • Vehicle year, make, model, mileage and auto registration (upload registration and 3 pictures - drivers side, passenger side and odometer)

STEPS - As Easy As 1-2-3

  1. Open your membership, fund your account and return back here to submit required documents.
  2. Submit required documents - 2 recent paystubs, auto registration, 3 pictures (driver's side, passenger side and odometer).
    Note: Other helpful documents you may send are your Contract, Registration and Buyer’s Order.
  3. Complete the Loan Application Online (Click here for an optional worksheet to use prior to applying online)

* Required Fields

In order to complete your application, the following information must be submitted.

Apple devices do not support uploading files other than images.

All document submissions are secure and protected.

Security Code:



₁ Refinancing is subject to credit approval. Additional terms and conditions apply such as vehicle age and mileage. If you decide to refinance with MCFCU, you may be able to lower your monthly loan payment or reduce your APR. However, if you choose a loan term that is longer than the term left on your existing auto loan, you will pay interest over a longer period of time, and the overall cost of your loan may be higher. Consult your financial advisor to see if refinancing your auto loan is right for you.

₂ Qualifying for rate discounts: You get 0.25% off standard auto rate if you have direct deposit to your MCFCU savings or checking account of at least $400.00 monthly. You get an additional 0.25% discount if you have your monthly loan payment automatically deducted from your MCFCU savings or checking account, this continues only for as long as you continue automatic deductions.



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